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Reiki Training

Learn how to share Reiki and receive Attunements which enable you to transmit the energy. There are 3 levels

Level 1 

Background, Principles, Hand Positions for self and others, Reiki Treatments, 4 Attunements.


Level 2 

Sacred Reiki Symbols, How to Use Symbols, Distance Healing,

2 Attunements.


Level 3/Master 

Master Symbol, Teaching Reiki, Passing Attunements for all levels, Running Reiki Circles, Setting Up a Reiki Practice, 4 Attunements.


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Varying topics, generally meet weekly for several weeks. Offered for individuals or small groups (up to 10). Previous topics have included the Chakra System, Working with Goddess Energy, History of Goddess Worship, Manifesting the Life We Want...

Meditation Class

This is an introductory class, with an emphasis on specific techniques for developing a meditation practice.

Book Discussions

Group meetings to discuss inspirational thought provoking or practical books on varying topics related to spiritual growth and insight.


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